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If you are interested in legal arguments read this case law

Rehayem Investments v Harfish [2014] NSWSC 1485

REAL PROPERTY - sale of land - whether contract for sale of land validly
terminated - whether notice of termination effective - where notice to
complete authorised by special condition of contract - where first defendant
failed to complete contract in accordance with notice to complete

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates

Don’t leave it until the last moment

A reminder that (where appropriate) a valid swimming pool compliance certificate must be attached to Contracts exchanged on or after 29 April, 2015.

The Dept of Local Government has noted on its website that there is anecdotal evidence that up to 95% of pools are non-compliant on first inspection and that it takes 90 days on average to bring a pool into line and for a certificate to

We therefore encourage new vendors clients to take steps to ensure their pool is

Contract for Sale of Land 2014

2014 Contract for Sale of Land

The new Contract is now available for purchase through the Law Society’s ECOS website ( ). Any queries regarding the ECOS website should go to the Law Society at 

The Law Society has advised that the 2005 edition of the Contract will remain available for purchase either electronically or in the blue hard copy format until at least the end of 2015.

Changes to Home Building Act

As anticipated, the Home Building Amendment Act 2014 has received Proclamation and will commence in stages in Jan 2015.   For the relevant dates see the Proclamation at: 
The Home Building Regulation 2014 has received assent and can be found at:
The Home Building Amendment Act 2014 can be found at:

Crucial Tips When You Consider Buying a Business

Step 1
Analyze why you want to buy a business. Are you looking for greater independence or the possibility of increased income?

Step 2
Consider your background. It’s more likely you’ll do well if you choose a business you’re familiar with. Are you interested in a specific product, or an operation that’s service-oriented?

Step 3
Check Web sites such as to find interesting companies, and contact local business brokers to identify companies that may be on the block.

Step 4

Auctions Tips Can Save You

Here are five more tips to help you form a winning auction strategy:

1 - Boost your knowledge

“This will also give you a realistic insight into the prices properties are advertised for and the prices they actually sell for. Before you attend the auction, ensure that you have a plan including knowing when you intend to commence bidding and at what price point you should stop. 
2 - Be ready and confident 
“If you have any questions about the auction rules, ask the agent in attendance.

The Realty About Property Boom in Sydney

Strong price rises seem to have thrown off many prospective buyers lately, particularly first home buyers. Their struggles, alongside the idea that cashed-up investors are crowding auctions, have contributed to an ongoing story line of Sydney’s property boom. But is it a boom across the board?

According to the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales president Malcolm Gunning, the idea of a boom market isn’t all that it seems.
“The reality is that all areas of the residential property market are not booming,” says Gunning.
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