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Is selling your property at Christmas a good idea?


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Selling a property
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Selling a property

Is selling your property at Christmas a good idea?

It’s only four weeks until Christmas which means you are about to get very busy. There’s decorations to hang, shopping to do, eating and drinking with friends to enjoy and holidays to plan. So if you’re contemplating selling your home at Christmas time, is it such a good idea?

Selling at Christmas has traditionally been seen as bad timing. Let’s face it, most people choose the Christmas break to go on holiday and relax.  An obvious consequence of this could be a reduction in the number of potential buyers looking at your home.

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates

Don’t leave it until the last moment

A reminder that (where appropriate) a valid swimming pool compliance certificate must be attached to Contracts exchanged on or after 29 April, 2015.

The Dept of Local Government has noted on its website that there is anecdotal evidence that up to 95% of pools are non-compliant on first inspection and that it takes 90 days on average to bring a pool into line and for a certificate to

We therefore encourage new vendors clients to take steps to ensure their pool is

Contract for Sale of Land 2014

2014 Contract for Sale of Land

The new Contract is now available for purchase through the Law Society’s ECOS website ( ). Any queries regarding the ECOS website should go to the Law Society at 

The Law Society has advised that the 2005 edition of the Contract will remain available for purchase either electronically or in the blue hard copy format until at least the end of 2015.
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